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La Liga looks to customized orginal content

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Local content and fan base cultivation are potentially key factors in the Spanish La Liga’s future development in China, industry experts suggested at the inaugural La Liga sports forum in Shanghai this week.

It has been 10 years since the top-tier Spanish football league reached out to Chinese fans and the market by organizing match-watching activities among local fans and setting up a joint venture company in China.

La Liga looks to customized orginal content

Ti Gong

The inaugural La Liga sports forum is held in Shanghai.

“We have reached a strategic cooperation with the Chinese education ministry, Chinese Football Association and Chinese Super League in the past decade,” said La Liga China representative Luca Sandron. “We have set up an office in China. Having Shanghai player Wu Lei joining the league also pushed La Liga’s influence in China to its peak.

“With the constant change of communication mode and sports fans’ increasing choices, challenges are always there. We are willing to listen to opinions of our Chinese partners and professionals as we look forward to another decade of development in China.”

La Liga looks to customized orginal content


Shanghai Port player Wu Lei played for La Liga side Espanyol from 2019 to 2022, attracting Chinese fans to the league.

The forum attracted sports and communication industry experts and representatives from companies including Juss Sports, Mailman and Mediapro.

“We have noticed in the past few years that local fans are no longer satisfied with purely re-posted content,” said Mailman China manager Rufio Zhu.

“In the future, content providers will need to customize original content with local brands to truly impress people, as Chinese fans expect high-quality content that combines their favorite sports events with local culture.”

Mediapro business department head Tim Shiang also shared his insights.

La Liga looks to customized orginal content

Ti Gong

The forum attracted sports and communication industry experts.

“With technology constantly breaking through traditional application scenarios, we believe that AI will provide substantial technical support for capturing exciting moments of matches in the near future and make new breakthroughs in reducing costs and increasing efficiency in content production in the sports industry,” he said.

To invite big-name teams and players for friendly matches and interaction with local fans is another efficient way to strengthen the connection between La Liga and the Chinese market.

According to Michael Sun, executive vice resident of La Liga China, La Liga team’s trip to China will be actively promoted in the future.

“Also, we hope to cooperate with different local platforms to create match content that is suitable for different platforms and fan groups,” he added.

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