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Little China Corgi debuts as police dog, perfect for searching small places

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For those who questioned whether such a cute-looking dog could effectively overcome obstacles and intimidate suspects, a detailed online profile offered the answers.

As well as being great for navigating small spaces, little Fuzai is also very obedient. Photo: Baidu

Directly after weaning, Fuzai met his handler and quickly showed he was obedient, had hunting ability, a good appetite, energy, and a high degree of possessiveness. All traits that fit the criteria for police dog selection, according to Weifang Public Security Bureau.

Fuzai was donated to the police dog base by its owner to embark on his career.

Wang Yanan, head of the Weifang Public Security Bureau’s Police Dog Base, said that at two months old, Fuzai’s abilities had already exceeded many of his peers, making him “a more progressive Corgi”.

As a reserve police dog, Fuzai embarked on a rigorous training regime, encompassing daily morning and afternoon sessions that covered a variety of disciplines, including obedience, bomb detection and scent work.

Throughout, Fuzai has excelled, proving to be a stand-out trainee.

Wang highlighted that Fuzai demonstrated several unique strengths, such as remarkable adaptability and the unexpected advantage of having short legs.

“His strong environmental adaptability, low sensitivity, possessiveness towards objects and love for food are all advantageous for our training,” said Wang.

With just four months of training, Fuzai has shown that his short legs are an asset because they allow him to search under vehicles easily and allow him to navigate small spaces.

Police dogs must exhibit qualities such as obedience, a keen sense of smell, intelligence, vigilance, physical prowess, a friendly nature and loyalty.

German Shepherds, Labradors and Belgian Malinois are the main breeds of police dogs, making Fuzai a unique and distinctive addition.


China’s first corgi police dog makes public debut

China’s first corgi police dog makes public debut

“There have been instances abroad where Corgis have become excellent police dogs. Fuzai has broken the stereotype that short legs cannot be effective in police work,” Wang said.

“The challenge for his handler is significant. Police dogs are not just adorable, their training and development involve a lot of effort and dedication,” he said.

Fuzai is currently held in reserve and is undergoing further training to prepare for officially beginning his duties.

The canine has captured the hearts of many on mainland social media.

“See, short legs have their own advantages,” one person said.

“If Corgis can be police dogs, can Shiba Inus be one too?” asked another.

“When will this Corgi retire? I want to adopt it,” another person said.

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