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Making a push to promote ‘made-in-Shanghai’ brands

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Ti Gong

Made-in-Shanghai products on show at Thursday’s meeting.

The city is taking measures to promote made-in-Shanghai products, gaining interest and attention from Gen-Z consumers as well as international markets, industry officials said on Thursday.

Shanghai will promote supply and demand pairing, project landing and overseas expansion to promote domestic and overseas enterprises to invest in Shanghai, boost the fashion industry and stimulate economic recovery.

A total of 12 firms, covering securities, venture capital, media, banks, advertising, and industry park owners, signed up on Thursday to become partners to promote made-in-Shanghai products internationally. They will offer support and services in finance, investment, supply chain management, incubation and media publishing.

As a fashion hub, Shanghai has attracted a large number of manufacturing and functional headquarters projects for the fashion consumer goods industry. “Made-in-Shanghai” brands and products are also steadily gaining recognition and market share in overseas markets.

Time-honored Shanghai brands such as Lao Feng Xiang, with rich histories in food, apparel and transport, are embracing fashion, trends and technology to woo modern consumers.

On Thursday, 38 fashion consumption projects were announced with a total investment of 8 billion yuan (US$1.12 billion), including customized apparel and jewelry services.

Making a push to promote 'made-in-Shanghai' brands

Ti Gong

Twelve firms signed up on Thursday to become partners to promote made-in-Shanghai products.

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