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Massive hospital knife attack leaves two dead and 23 injured

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Chinese state media are reporting a knife attack with possible deaths at a hospital in the country’s southwest at 13:20 local time (05:20 GMT).

The official Xinhua News Agency said there were more than 10 casualties in what it called a “vicious assault” on Tuesday in Yunnan province.

An online post from Guizhou province television citing unnamed authorities said that two had died and 23 people were injured.

A suspect has been arrested, the Guizhou TV post said, but officials have not yet confirmed whether the suspect is the attacker. The attack took place at Zhenxiong County People’s Hospital in Zhaotong city.

“Multiple videos from the scene also show a suspect being apprehended by police in a [nearby] wellness centre,” Guizhou Television reported.

A witness told Red Star News, an online outlet, that he narrowly escaped the attack and that a doctor or doctors were among the injured.

Video from the witness showed people who were bleeding and had fallen to the ground, and one older person trying to help another, a Red Star social media post said.

Chinese newspaper The Paper has published images showing a man in black wielding a knife in each of his hands, as another man stood in front of him.

Footage from the same outlet also showed police vehicles and at least a dozen police officers outside the hospital. The entrance to the hospital’s car park had also been cordoned off.

Knife attacks have happened before in China, often at kindergartens. A man with a knife killed six people and wounded one other last July at a kindergarten in southeastern China’s Guangdong province

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