Thursday, June 13, 2024

Mid-level officials at Chinese Football Association relieved of their positions

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The Chinese Football Association office in Beijing.

All mid-level officials at the Chinese Football Association, including its deputy secretary-general, are to be relieved of their positions. The decision was made at a Monday general assembly of the association, according to Soccer News.

At the assembly, Chairman Song Kai announced a plan for the optimization and adjustment of the association’s internal structures with personnel arrangements to follow after the organizational adjustments.

It is understood that the newly established 14 departments, downsized from the original 19, have already identified their preparatory leaders and will complete departmental staff adjustments, functional delineations, and work handovers within a week.

All mid-level officials will also be formally appointed thereafter.

As part of ongoing efforts to fight corruption in Chinese football, some CFA personnel have been found to have issues such as taking bribes. Recently disgraced officials include Li Tie, a former head coach of the men’s national team and Chen Xuyuan, a former chairman of the association. Chen was sentenced to life in prison for accepting bribes on March 26.

The CFA has about 150 official staff members. It’s a non-profit, sports organization voluntarily formed by entities engaged in football in China. It is also a public welfare organization.

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