Sunday, July 14, 2024

‘Mobile’ sports museum rolls out on Shanghai streets

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A ‘mobile’ sports museum will appear in Shanghai’s streets, schools, parks, and commercial venues starting this week to introduce Olympic knowledge to residents and preview the upcoming Paris Olympic Games.

This mini sports museum has been set up in a van by the Shanghai Sports Museum. Knowledge of the rising urban sports of BMX freestyle, skateboarding, breaking, and sport climbing are introduced via exhibits and pictures.

These four sports were featured in the inaugural Olympic Qualifier Series, which was held successfully in Shanghai last month.

'Mobile' sports museum rolls out on Shanghai streets

Ti Gong

The mini sports museum is set up in a van.

Apart from the highlights of the Olympic Qualifier Series, visitors can also learn about Shanghai’s sports history and connections with the Olympic Games in the museum.

The ‘mobile’ sports museum visited the East China University of Political Science and Law on Sunday.

In 1924, the predecessor of the Chinese National Olympic Committee, the All-China Sports Federation, was established. It was China’s first national sports organization, and its former office was located on the campus of the university.

'Mobile' sports museum rolls out on Shanghai streets

Ti Gong

Children visit the mini museum.

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