Friday, July 19, 2024

Netflix 3 Body Problem blasted by Chinese state media for promoting ‘American cultural hegemony’

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Netflix’s adaptation of the science fiction bestseller The 3 Body Problem is facing heat in China. After more than a week of conflicting views on China’s social media, state-run media outlet China Military Online, which is owned by the PLC, delivered one of its first official comments on the series. The series, created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the masterminds behind HBO’s iconic Game of Thrones are also facing flaks in the country.

Netflix 3 Body Problem facing heat in China(Pic credit: Netflix )

3 Body Problem under fire by Chinese State Media

State media outlets have launched a scathing attack, accusing the series of promoting “American cultural hegemony” under the guise of diversity. As reported by the South China Morning Post: The commentary noted that the American adaptation of the series continued to diverge a lot from the original book by Chinese author Liu Cixin. The books mostly have Chinese characters and take place over a lengthy period. However, in the initial season of the Netflix series, characters from various countries are introduced, and it all takes place simultaneously with the original story.

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A part of the post as shared by SCMP reads, “The United States is using ‘political correctness’ to combat and dissolve other countries’ cultural influence. It uses ‘pluralism’ to practice its cultural hegemony.”

The article called out the showrunners for getting rid of parts that show a modern, developed China, which was actually in the original book. But, they kept the bad guys in the show as Chinese, even though the book didn’t necessarily say they had to look a certain way.

“The so-called pluralism and inclusiveness cannot hide their deep-rooted discrimination and hostility towards other civilisations,” the report added.

What is the three-body problem?

Netflix recently launched a sci-fi series called Three-body Problem, which quickly became the most popular sci-fi series on the internet. The first season is said to be the first installment of the trilogy, which is based on the Chinese author Liu Cixin’s epic sci-fi series, Remembrance of Earth’s Past. The original trilogy was characterised by the author’s meticulous attention to scientific details, however in the series, that effect is less. The trilogy also includes the novels, The Dark Forest and Death’s End. The adaptation of the Three-Body Problem is less detailed but still tries its best to include scientific aspects.

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Why is the 3 Body Problem facing heat in China?

Since Netflix isn’t available in China, viewers watching the show through a pirated version claimed that the adaptation changed the setting of the book to America from China. They also questioned why the creators kept the part where the chaos in the world comes from China. They alleged that through the show, the creators are claiming that the West is protecting the world from the evil of China.

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