Friday, May 24, 2024

Nigeria suspends a Chinese business over discrimination charges

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A report by the British news network, BBC, revealed that in response to the allegations laid against the Chinese-owned establishment, run by the China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC), that denied Nigerians access, the Nigerian government has shut down the business.

The CGCC said it stood for “equality and inclusiveness”.

“Our principles are to enhance friendship between the people of both countries and promote economic development,” it stated.

The incident began when a Nigerian resorted to social media to voice his dissatisfaction with the fact that he, as a Nigerian, is being refused access to a facility that has been established in his nation.

This video aroused widespread indignation on social media, prompting other people to file similar complaints against the Chinese establishment.

The allegations have been refuted by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria. Boladale Adeyinka, an official at Nigeria’s Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), noted that investigations into the allegations have commenced.

As seen in the BBC’s report, some Nigerians were seen via footage visiting the supermarket to confirm the rumors, and the video showed them being denied entry.

From the video, the security officer at the entry told them that the supermarket has not been allowing Nigerians to enter the shop since January.

The supermarket was created to service the building’s inhabitants, but it also allowed outside shopping, including non-Chinese visitors, according to FCCPC quotes from Sanusi Shuabiu, an administrator at the property. The supermarket mostly offered Chinese foodstuffs.

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