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A Minute With: producer Mike Gunton on working with naturalist David Attenborough

Veteran British naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough turns 98 on May 8, but according to his longtime collaborator Mike Gunton, he has no plans to retire. Gunton, who is Creative Director of the Natural History Unit at the BBC, first met Attenborough in the 1980s working on animal behaviour show “The Trials of Life”. The two have since made acclaimed programmes such as nature series “Planet Earth”, wildlife show “Life” and “The Green Planet”, about plants.

Europapa or Baby Lasagna? Contestants to look out for at Eurovision 2024

The Eurovision Song Contest, a music kitsch-fest watched by some 200 million people, kicks off in Malmö, Sweden on Sunday with its “turquoise carpet” gala, in what fans say is a wide-open year with half a dozen countries having a shot at the title. Bookmakers have Croatia, Switzerland and Ukraine as the top three favourites to win, while streaming data from Spotify suggests a strong chance for the Netherlands, Italy or host nation Sweden.

Madonna attracts 1.6 million to free concert at Brazil’s Copacabana beach

More than a million people thronged Brazil’s Copacabana beach for a free Madonna concert on Saturday, braving the heat to see the end of her “Celebration” world tour. The sand and oceanfront boulevard around Rio de Janeiro’s famed beach were filled for several blocks by a crowd the city estimated at 1.6 million.

Eurovision 2024 begins in Malmo with contestants’ walk on ‘Turquoise Carpet’

Eurovision 2024 began in the Swedish city of Malmo on Sunday when 37 contenders walked the “Turquoise Carpet” amid heightened security and calls for boycotts due to Israel’s participation. The 68th version of the song contest, which is always billed as non-political, is taking place against the backdrop of the devastating Israeli military campaign in Gaza, triggered by Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

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