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Sonova’s newest vice-president outlines China strategy

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China is expected to maintain “relevant growth” as a market with enormous potential for hearing-care products and services, said Oliver Lux, newly appointed vice president audiological care of Sonova Group.

Lux traveled to China immediately after the announcement of his appointment at the Swiss firm in June.

“China is not yet the world’s largest market of hearing care, but it is no doubt an extremely important market for us,” Lux said. “We are not in the business of making the world around you louder, but making the world around you connected.”

To stay better connected with targeted customers is also a main strategy for Sonova, which accelerates the expansion of its retail store network to get in touch with more people outside clinics.

In China, Sonova acquired HYSOUND Group in December of 2022. The move has brought Sonova around 200 audiological care retail stores with a network covering more than 70 cities in 20 provinces.

Ti Gong

Oliver Lux, newly appointed vice president audiological care of Sonova Group

“Raising awareness about hearing is key to upgrading a Chinese market still lagging behind many other western countries in terms of product penetration,” Lux said.

As important is establishing an intimate and long-term relationship with customers.

“We have to lower barriers, create opportunities of encounter, and showcase people that they have choices,” Lux said.

As a high-tech firm, Sonova offers a wide range of products to meet different demand. At the Shanghai retail store, many of them are put on the shelves, including one that is completely hidden in the ear to make people comfortable with the wearing.

Also, Sonova will keep introducing the “experience room” to its Chinese retail stores, allowing people to share virtual experiences of hearing impairment. There are currently three such rooms in China, and 60 globally.

Sonova's newest vice-president outlines China strategy

Ti Gong

A Sonova retail store in Shanghai combining AudioNova and HYSOUND in one site

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