Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tencent Has Increased Its Stake In Remedy Entertainment To 14.8% – PlayStation Universe

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Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment announced that Chinese company Tencent has increased its shareholding value from the previous 10% to 14.8%, as of last week.

Now sitting firmly just under 15%, this increase represents another case of Tencent furthering its influence in the games industry.

Tencent quickly and quietly became one of the biggest publishing giants in the industry, through either acquiring other game companies outright, or as it’s done with Remedy, and many others, slowly increase its shareholding stake over time.

It’s become a yearly trend to see Tencent increase its investments across each of its game company partners, and in many ways it’s worked in Tencent’s favour to be so spread out, while it became one of the biggest publishers in the industry, specifically on mobile platforms.

More of a slow-and-steady method compared to Embracer Group’s speed-run attempt at becoming a games industry giant. Embracer also went the route of entirely acquiring every company it could, taking on all the responsibility.

And we saw how that went.

Source – [Remedy via VGC]

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